Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This weekend I finally got a much needed vacation. These days vacation has a much different meaning that I used to know. Instead of going to the beach, relaxing with a drink in hand, and sipping on a Margarita, I spent the days off in Ruston visiting Brent and his family, friends, and celebrating his graduation. Everyone was so proud of his long due accomplishment, that he received three cards which sang "hallelejah!" ...A taste of the humor we experienced this weekend. Saturday our families came together to watch him walk across the stage and receive his diploma. We celebrated afterwords by grilling at his house, a Hazelwood family tradition. They love the grill, and I love that they love the grill! We spent the rest of the evening enjoying friends and family. Sunday and Monday were days of relaxation. Catching up on some sleep, spending a fortune at the bookstore on Alumni gear, and hanging out with Amanda are a few of the relaxing events that occured. Tuesday we headed up to Arkansas to eat lunch at one of Brents favorite places to eat in ElDorado, and then we continued up to watch his nefew play tball. We watched a few warm up rounds and then the game was cancelled due to a lightning storm. Tanner hit the ball very well without his tee durning warm ups while Braxton kept him informed when he missed! Anytime, he fouled it off he would say, "I got a taste of it!" They both played around a little while, and then we decided to go eat dinner. Dinner was entertaining as well. Brent taught Tanner how to high five after they passed gas. Something his mother will have to look forward to experiencing. We drove back last night after dinner, and then back to Baton Rouge for me this morning. Time flies these days, and so does a vacation.