Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He never fails to surprise me :)

The fourth of July weekend typically marks the beginning of "Birthday Month!" And since Brent and I have been together, this tradition has begun with the weekend at his parents house. Birthday Month has changed over the years. Now, I share my month. Brent, his dad, and his nephew all share July with me. So, it has become tradition to spend fourth of july weekend there, celebrating Braxton's birthday. Braxton will be three this year, and they are growing so fast. Brent's dads birthday is before Braxton's so in order to not be over shadowed by the SpongeBob party, Brent and I decided to stop by Baskin Robins, grab an ice cream cake, and load it down with 51 candles to be exact. It was covered! I think Mr. Charlie appreciated the fact that we didn't forget about his birthday or appreciated the ice cream cake!

We spent the weekend swimming and birthday partying. We watched fireworks, and popped party poppers. We made "slushies," non-alcoholic daiquiris, with the boys. I let them help me make mashed potatoes and be my little taste testers. Everytime I'd turn around, they were licking those little fingers. The best part about the whole weekend was spending time with my amazing boyfriend. I always say just when I think he can't surprise me, he never fails. I've learned this past year that he'll never buy me flowers or write me little love letters. His love for me has so much more depth than that. And, I always think that these little surprise are somehow for him. They are, they're his way of doing something for me to get me closer to him. It's not just about the immediate and brief gratification of a loving act. It's about doing things and getting things that make us closer and entangle our lives so that we can live as one. This weekend I got to learn how to ride the dirt bike he bought me. When he first told me of his purchase, I was excited but confused. I want to do daring things and learn how to ride, but was this really for me? Or, did he want a new toy and what a perfect way to get one since I wanted to learn anyway. After learning how to ride and realizing he spent time fixing it up for me by putting my number on it...I figured it out. He does these kinds of surprises and gifts for us. He bought the bike for us. So he could teach me. And, "we" could spend time together. So we can grow and experience new things together, learn together, and be in love. He always says how much he hates buying flowers because they are a waste of money and they just die anyway. I get it! He wants to spend money and time on things that will help us fall more in love, things that will create a stronger connection and bond. It's not about things that make him happy or just me, it's about things that make US happy together. I am so in love with him. A true deep love. He never fails to surprise me :)